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Seascapes and Landscapes of New England

Seascapes, Landscapes and Marine Fine Art. Oil Paintings by artist Michael Cunliffe Thompson.

I paint seascapes and coastal landscapes of New England with the eyes of a sailor who loves cruising. As an artist, I am inspired by the bays and rocky islands of Mid-Coast Maine, especially Penobscot Bay, Vinal Haven and the Muscle Ridge Channel near Rockland. I make sketches from the cockpit of my sailboat to capture this lively and exciting vision. Later in my studio I develop these ideas in oil on canvas and often on a larger scale. If you go sailing, you will appreciate these paintings. If you just enjoy looking at the sea from the land, you will also appreciate them!
Most of my paintings depict water whether the sea, coast, inland or frozen!

Something cmpletely different! I have released the Hebrew Font Shuneet v3.0

FUN! Here's something that happened some years ago:
Granpa rescued by the Coast Guard (2008)

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