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The Last Words of David

Every politician should place these words over their desk! They describe the characteritics of a righteous ruler. The words appear in the last line of the inscription below and are remarkable for their simplicity. Translating only what is there and leaving the meaning to the comprehension of the reader, we have:

"Morning no clouds
bright after shower
grass from earth."

This is not Japanese poetry, it is in Samuel Book 2, Chapter 23, Verse 3-4.
You may open this in a PDF document which uses Shuneet3 Bold with Hebrew in 44pt and under each line the conventional English translation in Shuneet3 Bold 18pt.

Note on Matching Hebrew and Latin

When we have parallel texts in Hebrew and a Latin script such as English or French, we need to get the two texts to work together visually. My approach to this starts from the premise that use of a Hebrew font, implies the Hebrew should have center stage and the Latin will play a secondary role.

Making the Latin look 'more Hebrew' has been strictly avoided.