Logo - Hebrew Font Shuneet


Unicode and Open Type work on Windows, Macintosh and Unix. May be used in any up-to-date word processor, spreadsheet, email or browser software and most effectively in the Adobe design suite.

These fonts are designed to work together and all have the same vertical metrics so they can be mixed on a page. Each font has the same set of 247 characters:

  • Hebrew letters and nikud (Hebrew vowels).
  • Single characters that combine letters with a dagesh and/or nikud.
  • Hebrew for Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish.
  • Hebrew punctuation.
  • Latin letters and punctuation (for English etc)
  • Useful symbols such as currency, arithmetic, various brackets, copyright, etc

I designed this font using the Font Creator Program Version 6 from High Logic for the shape of the glyphs.
The precise layout of characters using Open Type is achieved with Microsoft VOLT.

Two Font Families

A modern font for an ancient script! The members of the Shuneet family all share a basic style which draws on the ancient roots of the Hebrew language.

Word Processor Set

Six fonts packaged for convenient use in a word processor.
Shuneet Classic and Shuneet Classic Bold
Look good in documents as diverse as a Ketuba and an Art Gallery Prospectus.
Shuneet Oblique and Shuneet Oblique Bold
This exotic font has calligraphic elements and is an excellent way to print poetry or a biblical inscription or even travel advertisements.
Shuneet Square and Shuneet Square Bold
This font is a workhorse! Use it for advertisement, signage as well as for your email and browser. It is readable at small sizes.

Designer Set

Seven fonts are packaged for graphic designers and typographers.
in a graded range of weights, each being individually designed. They are Shuneet Fine, Shuneet Thin, Shuneet Book, Shuneet Medium, Shuneet Demi, Shuneet Bold and Shuneet Heavy.